157 UV-VIS Detector Single Wave

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The 157 and 159 UV/Vis Detectors are HPLC spectrophotometer detectors with adjustable path length flow cells. Capable of accommodating 4.6 to 50 mm ID columns, the 157 and 159 variable wavelength UV/Vis Detectors detect compounds with one or four wavelengths simultaneously with an easy-to-change flow cell design. These detectors are capable of analytical to pilot-scale applications and are suitable for small- to large-molecule purifications, including fast LC methods.

157 UV/Vis Single Wavelength Detector

The 157 UV/Vis detector features a highly flexible and compact design and offers a single but variable wavelength range of 190–750 nm, making it a good choice for most LC applications including detection of biological samples. A wide range of flow cells are available from PEEK flow cells for analytical and preparative HPLC to pilot-scale flow cells for flow rates up to 1 L/min.

159 UV/Vis Multiple Wavelength Detector

The 159 UV/Vis Detector offers multiple and variable wavelength detection with high sensitivity and baseline stability for a variety of HPLC applications. With its high speed scanning design, the 159 UV/Vis detector monitors up to four different wavelengths simultaneously while acquiring spectral data from 190–750 nm, allowing you to more easily track impurities. Best-in-its-class value for noise, drift, and linearity are achieved through smart optical bench technology and the use of optimized components. A wide range of flow cells are available for practically any LC application, including PEEK flow cells for analytical and preparative HPLC and pilot-scale flow cells for flow rates up to 1 L/min.


Purification Technique HPLC
WL Range 190-750 nm
Wavelength Monitoring Single

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