PIPETMAN L Fixed F100L, 100 µL

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The PIPETMAN® L Fixed pipettes offer the same comfortable, lightweight design as the variable volume models, but the volume can never accidently be changed, making them an ideal choice for clinical diagnostics, quality control, and any routine testing applications. Fifteen models of the air-displacement-based PIPETMAN L Fixed pipettes are available, covering a volume range of 1 µL to 5 mL.

Comfortable Pipetting

Based on the ergonomic design of the original PIPETMAN L, the fixed volume model offers an ideal weight and handle shape. The more natural fit of the pipette lets you relax your grip to make pipetting less fatiguing for your hand. It also provides an adjustable tip ejector so it’s easy to switch for either right- and left-handed users, whichever is most comfortable.


The graduated cover can be readjusted by users for dense or viscous fluids (once reset, the new volume cannot be accidentally changed).

Optimum Traceability

PIPETMAN L features a 2D identification bar code for easy traceability that covers the product part number, date of manufacturing, and serial number. With a universal scanner the pipette information can be downloaded on to a spreadsheet or other software for tracking, which is particularly suited for enhanced GLP compliance. The PIPETMAN L Fixed also has a color-coded push-button that corresponds in color to Gilson PIPETMAN Tip packages.


Adjustable or Fixed Volume Fixed Volume
Pipette Type Manual Air Displacement
Volume Range 100 µL
Number of Channels 1
Pipette Model F100L
Pack Size 1
Pack Size Unit Each
Ejector Type Plastic

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