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TRILUTION® LC software provides a solution for customers using Windows 10 and is a user-friendly software package for controlling high-pressure liquid chromatography systems and automated liquid handling instruments. TRILUTION LC provides fraction collection capabilities, conditional logic collection, worry-free slope collection, accurate fraction simulation, graphical drag-and-drop user interface, and graphical sample tracking.

Flexible, User-friendly Features

The TRILUTION LC interface features:
*Graphical gradient creation and adjustments
*Click-and-drag icon-based tasks
*Graphical method optimization
*Time variables for universal method creation
*Intuitive sample list 
*Graphical custom task and rack creation for flexibility and functionality to meet demanding application requirements 
*Manual control functions for direct control of every instrument in the system prior to running samples, as well as the ability to monitor baselines prior to injecting valuable samples

Conditional Logic Collection to Optimize Purification

Conditional logic collection capabilities allow you to optimize purification, reducing the number of fractions that are collected and that need to be reanalyzed.
*Collect specific peaks using conditional AND, AND/OR, and OR statements
*Apply conditional statements to the same detector signal using a combination of slope and level collection to obtain the highest possible purity
*Collect based on data from several different detectors: UV, DAD, ELSD, and MS
*Apply the ultimate efficiency tool and collect fractions based on UV and target masses


Display Resolution: 1440 x 900 (or greater) Colors: True Color (32-bit) Text Size: 100%
Hard Drive 500 GB–1 TB (200 GB available)
I/O Ports One Serial port required for Gilson Server: Native or USB to RS-232 Adapter* Additional Serial ports for GEARS devices: USB to RS-232 Adapter* One Ethernet port USB ports for USB devices
Memory (RAM) 8.0 GB
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 10 Professional (64-bit)
Processor Quad Core (2.7 GHz)
Pack Size 1
Pack Size Unit Each

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