The VERITY® 1910 MS Detector, a unique chip-based mass detector, provides the power of a more traditional single quadrupole mass spectrometer in a smaller footprint. This complete package bundles the MiDas™ module and appropriate software LC/MS license with the detector for full connectivity to PLC Purification Systems or to VERITY HPLC systems.

Increase the Pace of Your Discovery

With the VERITY 1910 MS Detector, save valuable time by confirming the molecular weight of the contents of every collected fraction during the purification process, eliminating the need for subsequent analytical verification. Fractions collected based on target mass allow you to:
• Reduce the number of fractions per prep injection
• Dry down fewer fractions
• Reconstitute and analyze fewer fractions
Choose either a positive or negative ionization source and monitor fractions in real-time or post-run with MS and UV spectra display.

Detect Peptides and Small Proteins

With a mass range of 50−1400 m/z, the VERITY 1910 MS Detector allows you to detect peptides and small proteins, addressing the needs of many biotech and pharmaceutical scientists. The detector collects full scan signals and up to four selected ion monitoring (SIM) channels simultaneously.

Simplify Maintenance and Setup with Chip-based Technology

The VERITY 1910 MS Detector features chip-based technology, consisting of the all metal vac-chip™, the spraychip® micro-ionization source, and the ionchip® quadrupole mass analyzer. This technology dramatically shrinks the instrument footprint and provides much quieter operation with lower heat generation, making it adaptable to more lab environments than traditional single quadrupole mass spectrometers.

The chip-based technology significantly reduces instrument downtime, improving productivity and saving money. The VERITY 1910 MS Detector uses less solvent, nitrogen, and power, lowering operating costs and providing a greener solution for mass detection.

A Complete System, Ready to Go

The VERITY 1910 MS Detector comes bundled with the MiDas module, which features a make-up pump and splitter to deliver consistent flow to the VERITY 1910 MS Detector from either a PLC Purification System or a VERITY HPLC System. MiDas allows split ratios from 1:100 to 1:100,000 for purifying large amounts of target compounds based on mass signal. The package also includes the appropriate LC/MS license for either TRILUTION® LC Software or Gilson Glider Prep Software (GGP).


Connections Ethernet, 5 x USB, 2 x digital in (e.g., LC trigger input), 2 x digital out, 4 x analog in (e.g. UV Trace), 4 x analog out (e.g., triggering external device) , 1 x RS232 (e.g., syringe pump control)
Dimensions 55 x 35 x 25 cm (22 x 14 x 10 in.)
Flow Rate Range 0.3–2000 μL/min
Pipette Range No
Weight 32 kg (70.5 lbs.)
Mass Resolution 0.7 m/z ± FWHM
Sensitivity 10 pg of reserpine yields a peak in SIM mode with a S/N ratio of 10:1 (RMS)
Scan Rate m/z 1,500/s (7,500 pts/s)
Scan Modes Full scan, SIM (4 m/z channels), simultaneous scan/SIM, and timed SIM
Sample Inlet Compatible with standard capillaries and unions e.g., 1/32” tubing
Pump Exhaust Tubing: 8 mm OD push fit connection
Pumping System Integrated oil-free pumps (no floor pump needed)
Power Requirements Power: 250 W (operating), 300 W (peak) Line voltage: 100–240V AC ±10% Line frequency: 50/60 Hz
Nitrogen Gas Pressure: 2–6 bar (29–87 psi), Purity: ≥99.5%, Fitting: 6 mm OD push fit connection
Mass Range 50 – 1400 m/z
Detector Electron multiplier
Mass Analyzer Ionchip® quadrupole mass filter
Mass Accuracy ± 0.3 m/z in full scan
Ion Source Spraychip® electrospray ionization source
Ionization Modes Positive and negative ESI
Interface Off-axis vac-chip™ microengineered atmospheric pressure interface
Environmental Conditions Indoor Use, Operating: 15°C–30°C with 40%–80% relative humidity noncondensing, Storage: 4°C–40°C with 10%–90% relative humidity noncondensing, Altitude: Up to 2000m, Pollution Degree 2: Normally only non-conductive pollutions occurs. Occasionally, howeve
Dynamic Range 3–4 orders of magnitude
Pack Size 1
Pack Size Unit Each
Nominal Volume No
Packsize Unit No
Channels No

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