The VERITY® CPC Process system performs silica-free chromatography for process-scale purification and extraction. It combines a newly designed rotor with a capacity range of 1 to 5 liters when combined with the VERITY® SKID. This is the solution for annually processing tons of sample with higher resolution and the best return on investment.

Safe and Compliant

Developed with safety and compliance in mind, the VERITY CPC Process meets EU 2006/42/EU (machinery) and 2014/34/EC (ATEX) directives, with UL coming in 2020. The system is controlled by a certified 21 CFR part 11-compliant software and includes multiple, customizable securities for improved operator safety and system preservation. The VERITY CPC Process comes with FDA-compliant spare parts and consumables.

Easy-to-Use and Flexible

The VERITY CPC Process system is easy-to-use and has broad applicability across natural extract, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. It allows for automated stack injections, and a preset list of methods for automated production. The system also features automatic valves for ascending and descending modes, which allows for safer and easier use with dual rinsing and dual modes.

Reliable and Powerful

The VERITY CPC Process customizable rotor benefits from a new cell design and rotation speeds ranging from 100 to 1800 rpm, allowing for processing of several tons of samples per year with higher resolution. The accompanying VERITY SKID, provides a fast 3-liter per minute flow rate with 2% accuracy and 0.5% repeatability, which optimizes production time, cost, and quality. The transmitters, alarms, and sensors present along the fluidic journey make for constant control and improved performance. This system benefits from Gilson’s unique network of Service Engineers and Application Specialists. VERITY CPC Process owners can access local support to keep their investment running at peak performance, with applications tailored after their business strategy.

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