Gilson Purification - CPC Processes and Application Services

Liquid to liquid chromatography requires a dependable, reliant, and precise process to ensure accurate results. Traditional methods or equipment may lead to unsatisfactory results and creates an interest in a customized method to achieve very particular outcomes.

From laboratory to process scales, Gilson's VERITY® CPC purification systems can help isolate large or small molecules at micro or macro scales. Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) systems enable laboratories and industries to isolate the maximum amount of any specific molecule with greater purity and less waste.

Should you lack any specific on-site equipment or require access to technical expertise, Gilson is the right partner to guide you through all purification stages – from development to process, acting as end-to-end support from chemistry to economics and compliance.

Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) systems enable laboratories and industries to isolate the maximum amount of any specific molecule with greater purity and less waste.


Partnering with Gilson for All Your Purification Needs

Gilson has 40 years of experience in preparative and industrial chromatography applications. We offer solution design and work on complex mixtures such as biological matrices, natural extract, synthetic mixture, or fermentation broth.

Supported by an extensive set of capabilities to accompany research and production projects (including application laboratories and a vast network of Field Application Specialists operating in over 20 countries), we deliver our services through all steps, including large-scale production. We supported industrial customers with feasibility studies, scale-ups, and training with over 100 projects (some of them in ATEX environments).

As more labs streamline their analysis, separation, and purification workflows, Gilson remains one of the leading providers of integrated and automated solutions. You'll benefit from end-to-end support, from feasibility to production through industrial intensification, operators training and process quality, or economic optimization. Additionally, Gilson Purification Services can also train your team in our Purification Center of Excellence or on-site, and even process your samples ourselves and act as an external manufacturer.

Gilson assists facilities with their feasibility studies and helps scale the solution to process quantities. Customers can lease or rent their systems, and we provide one of our CPC technicians for professional support during the process. Our teams are API, and HPAPI experienced and work with several pharmaceuticals on fermentation broth, cannabis, and peptides.

VERITY CPC Process Brochure

Designed to integrate with your manufacturing processes, our VERITY CPC systems will address safety and certification requirements for the industry and are backed by our worldwide service and support network. The VERITY CPC Process pioneers a new era for delivering profitable purification and extraction applications to manufacturing.


Providing Preparative, Pilot, and Industrial Scale CPC Solutions

A CPC technique doesn't require traditional solid support. This technology's main aim is to isolate the maximum amount of a specific molecule at the highest purity, in a minimum amount of time, and without using any silica column or support media. Gilson is working with international industries and private labs, offering CPC solutions at lab scale for method development, pilot-scale for small production, and at industrial scale for low-cost mass production for any environment.

VERITY® CPC Lab, Method Development Solutions

We have various platforms available that can help labs who need help developing their method to purify or fractionate their samples. According to their application, our range of different column options (VERITY® CPC 100 to VERITY® CPC 1000) enables facilities to adapt their CPC processes.

CPC systems work with a distribution constant, using an analyte in two immiscible solvents. The partition ratio depends on the molar concentration during the stationary and mobile phases. Choosing the right solvent system depends on the partition coefficients of the selected or applicable molecules.

Our systems enable teams to:

  • Purify samples without required column replacement or silica recycling

  • Limit solvent consumption during the purification and separation process

  • Provide high flow rates while enabling reduced run times

  • Prevent sample loss and deliver high-performance, high-recovery, and high-purity

VERITY® CPC Pilot, Small Production Solutions

Our pilot-scale solution provides an automated, cost-effective liquid-liquid purification system that enables processing up to tons of samples per year. Using a silica-free CPC solution from Gilson will streamline workflows and provide greater purity and yields.

Combined with a PLC 2500 purification system, the VERITY CPC 1000 PRO delivers high-level target purification, and you can combine it with a binary injection pump for more efficient operations. Teams can try pilot strategies that isolate samples up to 99% purity in pilot environments. Gilson's pilot-scale systems are suitable for difficult and complex separations, product isolation.

VERITY® CPC Process, Industrial Scale Production Solutions

For full-scale production, the Gilson VERITY® CPC Process provides maximum capacity with broad capabilities in industrial environments. Customizable rotor capacity can accommodate several tons of samples per year, capable of serving any industrial level operation that requires higher production levels and may require an explosive (Ex) and/or a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) environment.

Using our VERITY® SKID, you can achieve a 3-liter per minute flow rate that optimizes production times, product quality, and operational costs. The higher flow rate provides 0.5% repeatability and a 2% accuracy while customers also receive improved cleansing.

Process Automation in CPC Workflows

With the instruments, platforms, and standard workflows involved with a technician's daily processes, automating tasks can reduce staff burden.

We can help with a comprehensive range of CPC instruments and services when automating extraction, purification, and compound isolation for food, environmental, and biological samples. For labs, production facilities, and any purification environment, Gilson's VERITY CPC solutions can streamline the process.

Having confidence in your results remains a vital part of the CPC process. As demand for pure extracts is only increasing, scaling your analytical and production capabilities with Gilson's VERITY CPC systems will ensure you can handle the required volumes.

Gilson Purification Solutions

Should you lack any specific on-site equipment or require access to technical expertise, Gilson is the right partner to guide you through all purification stages, from development to process. Contact us today to upscale or streamline your CPC processes.