Perspectives on Cannabinoid Purification

In just a few years, the cannabis industry status has gone from irrelevant and immoral to a pervasive, economic Eldorado with double-digit growth and a better-life promise. It is time to take a step back and discuss several critical pain points within the industry.

The “Easier Said than Done" Opportunity

With venture capital money flowing in, the cannabis world has been saturated with ads featuring nicely designed workflows and great product pictures inviting you to make easier decisions by choosing another self-titled market leader. But cannabis is a challenging material to work with, and in many cases is still under study with misaligned standards along its value chain. Conversely, it can benefit from the knowledge accumulated within the natural extracts industry to help choose extraction technologies, improve product purity, optimize waste recycling, and find ways to skip inefficient or unprofitable processing steps. Whether you are just starting in the business or are a more established company feeling the pain of broken marketing promises, we are open to sharing what we have learned by partnering with all types of companies , from Israeli startup labs to Canadian behemoths.

The Eluding Profit Principle

Despite thousands of cannabis-related pages on the internet, it is almost impossible to find anything about this industry's survival rate. It may not be politically correct to say sobut we consider it to be a tough, fast-changing business where growth requires most players to operate a drastic reprioritization of industrial investment towards several areas. First is the acquisition of analytical solutions and skills. Next, it’s followed by the reengineering of end-to-end solvents management -a sound way to protect one’s margin -and the acquisition of a purification system like CPC that enables quick, profitable product diversification. Finally, an in-depth review of the processing workflow would allow to realign steps often designed in isolation or for an older product that ends up impeding overall profitability.

Please note that although we don't offer analytical systems or evaporators, we are open to sharing our experience.

The Paradox of Increasing Regulations

Maybe because it all started small and fragmented, regulation and compliance had somehow been the poor relations in regard towhat happens within a factory and to what comes out of it. Pressure from direct business partners -especially in the consumer goods industries -and publicized crackdowns like CannTrustspur compliance, protecting growth from a sanitary crisis' aftermaths (and small to mid-size companies from globalization too). Unfortunately, a sizable share of stakeholders currently lacks the knowledge and ability to efficiently and profitably implement regulatory demands. One way out of the deadlock worth considering would be to couple regulatory and efficient reengineering efforts to ensure that time and resources invested to make one's process compliant would serve the bottom line too.

It is our genuine wish that this short discussion has brought you valuable considerations and helped answer some of your questions. For more information, please contact our team for further details.

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