PIPETMAX® is an automated pipetting solution for the efficient processing of high-throughput biological assays. It will help you to improve on the accuracy, reproducibility, and consistency among all samples processed. Unlike traditional automation platforms, PIPETMAX comes in a benchtop size that easily fits into any lab.

Consistency, Accuracy, Reproducibility

PIPETMAX, built upon PIPETMAN® technology, helps to reduce costly technical replicates and helps maximize reproducibility by eliminating inconsistencies due to common pipetting errors. The automated system frees up time devoted to tedious pipetting jobs that improve lab productivity and lets you get to results faster.

A Versatile Open System

The hardware and software of the PIPETMAX are customizable to fit the specific needs of the assay, allowing you to configure and customize runs to any reagent, kit, or protocol. With intelligent tip management, the 8-channel cassettes can be set to use 1−8 tips. With a volume range from 1 to 1000 µL, PIPETMAX is an ideal solution for qPCR, NGS reactions, and cell-based assays. Several pre-developed, validated protocols are available for download while custom protocols can be written to accommodate any workflow.


The small footprint lets it easily fit on a lab bench or under a fume hood. At a weight just under 40 pounds, it’s easy to move to the location most suited for the assays at hand.

Liquid Handler
32100000   -   PIPETMAX 268 with Standard Cover
32100001   -   PIPETMAX 268 with Cover Cutouts
32100002   -   PIPETMAX 268 with External Safety Interlock
Pipette Head
FC10010   -   PIPETMAX MAX1000 Pipette Head
FC10021   -   PIPETMAX 8x200 Pipette Head
FC10022   -   PIPETMAX 8x20 Pipette Head
Replacement Parts
32000175   -   PIPETMAX Tip Reload Block
32000274   -   BIN, Tip Disposal Annealed
32000199   -   PIPETMAX Orbital Shaker
Stands, Holders and Racks
32000196   -   PCR Tube Rack Code 496
32000197   -   1.5-2.0 mL Screw Cap Tube Rack Code 425
32000198   -   1.5-2.0 mL Flip Cap Tube Rack Code 424
32000200   -   Rack Code 425 PT PSV TMP Screw Cap 1.5-2 mL
32000232   -   Rack Code 424 PT PSV TMP Flip Cap 1.5-2 mL
32000233   -   Rack Code 410 PT PSV TMP Flat Plate
32000238   -   Rack Code 496 PT PSV TMP 96 PCR Tube

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