VERITY Compact LCMS System

The VERITY® Compact LC-MS System combines the PLC Purification System with the VERITY 1910 MS Detector to provide a compact, easy-to-use, all-in-one instrument for mass-directed purification of target compounds by preparative HPLC and flash chromatography.

Save Time with Mass-directed Purification

Save valuable time by confirming the molecular weight of the contents of every collected fraction during the purification process, eliminating the need for subsequent analytical verification. Collecting fractions based on target mass allows you reduce the overall number of fractions collected that require dry down, reconstitution, and analysis.

Chip-based Technology for Accessible Mass Spectrometry

The compact, chip-based VERITY 1910 MS Detector needs little maintenance, consumes less power, and conserves valuable bench space making mass spectrometry (MS) accessible to most labs. The system requires no nitrogen generator or roughing pump and offers reduced noise levels compared to traditional MS.

Easy to Use

Easy-to-use Glider Prep software offers flexible reporting capabilities and an intuitive touchscreen interface that enables easy method writing and modifying of parameters.







14100002   -   159 UV-VIS Detector Multi Wave
14410015   -   VERITY 1910 Split Flow Interface (SFI)
Liquid Handler
26150004   -   GX-241 II Liquid Handler, Ethernet, with Z Drive
26150007   -   GX-241 LH Gilson Rs232, w/Z Drive
21140001   -   PLC 2050 UV-1
21140002   -   PLC 2250 UV-1
21140003   -   PLC 2500 UV-1
21140004   -   PLC 2050 w/ Autosampler
21140005   -   PLC 2250 w/ Autosampler

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