306 Pump Ctl Module, (110/220V)

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Together with manometric modules and dynamic mixers, the 305 and 306 Pumps provide a cost-effective, dependable pumping solution for analytical to preparative HPLC. Interchangeable pump heads accommodate flow rates ranging from 10 µL/min to 200 mL/min with a variety of liquids at differing viscosities. Pumps are available in isocratic, binary, and tertiary configurations.

Range of Flow Rates

The 305/306 Pumps can be used in either isocratic or gradient HPLC with a wide range of flow rates from 10 µL/min to 200 mL/min.

Simple Control

Achieve reliable chromatographic separation with the 305 and 306 Pumps using easy method development through TRILUTION® LC software or using a standalone keypad, depending on the model.

Accessories to Enhance the Pumping Action

• Minimize pressure fluctuations of 305 and 306 Pumps with manometric modules
• Ensure efficient, problem-free mobile phase mixing with dynamic mixers
• Enhance smooth flows by a separate, external pulse dampener


Flow Rate Range 10 µL/min - 200 mL/min
Power Voltage 110-120 / 220-240 V~
Purification Technique HPLC
Front Panel Control No

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