Spare Parts Overview

Gilson Spare Parts for Consistent Performance

Our spare parts are manufactured under stringent quality control standards. From genuine PIPETMAN® parts to our high-quality replacement tubing, these products deliver the value, reliability, and high performance you’ve come to expect from Gilson. Authentic Gilson spare parts are only available from your authorized Gilson representative.

Keep Your PIPETMAN Pipettes in Spec with PIPETMAN Service Kits

Properly working pipettes are critical to your research. Our PIPETMAN Service Kits include the most frequently used replacement parts and are manufactured under our rigorous quality control standards so you can be assured of accurate, precise, and trouble-free pipetting.

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High-quality O-rings

A tight seal is important for the proper functioning of your devices. Gilson O-rings are manufactured and validated using rigorous quality control standards.

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Increase Your Flow Rate Accuracy with Our High-grade Pump Tubing

Tubing is an essential component of pumping systems that contributes to flow rate accuracy. We offer a wide array of high-quality tubing in a variety of materials and diameters for a range of applications.

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Expect Expert Service—On-site, In-house, Online, or On the Phone

Gilson is committed to quality products and complete customer satisfaction. From system support to comprehensive training programs, Gilson provides dependable service solutions for your lab. Not sure of what steps to take? Simply contact our expert technical support staff.

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