334-H3 Pump, Secondary Solvent

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The dual-piston, multi-solvent 331/332 Pumps are a reliable and affordable option for Gilson’s semi-preparative HPLC systems. The 333/334 Pumps are the ideal choice for preparative HPLC applications in normal and reverse-phase modes. All pumps offer multi-solvent selection, with an optional four-solvent valve that allows up to eight solvents. The pumps feature a variable-volume, dynamic mixer for optimized gradient performance.

333/334 Pumps—The Pumping Choice for Preparative HPLC

The 333/334 Pumps provide a preparative pumping solution to accommodate columns ranging from 10 mm to 50 mm ID in high pressure normal and reverse phases at flow rate from 1 mL/min to 200 mL/min and pressures up to 3040 psi (210 bar). Use milligram to gram injection levels—up to 15 g depending on column size and loading capacity. With additional pumps in parallel, you can double the flow rate up to 400 mL/min. For isocratic methods, choose the 333 master pump; choose the combination of the 333 and 334 Pumps for binary methods. Control 333/334 Pumps and an entire preparative HPLC system via TRILUTION® LC software. With the 333 Pump as master pump, control:
• Flow-rate gradient
• Four-solvent selection and step gradient (additional valve)
• Composition gradient (one or two additional pumps)
• Sample-injection pump
• UV/VIS detector

331/332 Pumps—The Pumping Choice for Semi-Preparative HPLC

The 331/332 Pumps accommodate flow rates ranging from 0.5 mL/min to 50 mL/min at pressures up to 8700 psi (600 bar) using columns up to 30 mm ID. The pumps handle milligram-level of sample mass throughput per injection at >50 mg with a 20 mm ID column. Control begins with a 331 master pump. Keypad controls include safety files, anomaly processing procedures, and GLP functions. TRILUTION® software provides control within a complete prep workstation and includes data processing and results reporting.


Purification Technique HPLC
Front Panel Control No
Max Pressure 210 bar

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