MICROMAN E M25E, 3-25 µL

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The ergonomically designed MICROMAN® E positive displacement pipettes, along with disposable capillary piston (CP) tips, provide the highest precision when pipetting viscous, non-aqueous liquids such as oils, blood, glycerol, and more, while protecting the pipette from contamination. MICROMAN E is available in six models covering a volume range of 1 to 1000 µL.

Reliable Dispensing Even with Viscous and Volatile Liquids

MICROMAN E relies on positive-displacement technology to improve the precision of transferring viscous and volatile liquids. The capillary piston (CP) tips eliminate the air cushion between the sample and piston so volume accuracy is not affected by the sample’s properties.Tackle these issues with MICROMAN E:
• Viscous solutions—difficult to aspirate and stick to pipette tips.
• Volatile solutions—leakages are created from differences between solvent vapor pressure and the air pressure within the pipette.
• Cold liquids—delivered in excess amounts.
• Hot liquids—under-delivered amounts.

Designed with Comfort and Performance in Mind

The Red Dot Award winning design of the MICROMAN E features an improved handle shape that rests comfortably in your hand, with a large push button for easy aspiration and dispensing. The volume-locking switch allows for easy volume adjustment and minimizes the risk of accidentally changing the volume during pipetting tasks.

Overall Protection

The positive-displacement technology of the MICROMAN E is ideal when dealing with infectious solutions and radiolabeled components. Since the disposable piston makes direct contact with the sample, the user and the pipette are protected. Within molecular biology and forensic sciences, any trace of a previous sample can lead to erroneous results and the disposable CP tips provide absolute protection against cross-contamination.


Adjustable or Fixed Volume Adjustable Volume
Pipette Type Manual Positive Displacement
Volume Range 3-25 µL
Pipette Model M25E
Pipette Range MICROMAN E
Number of Channels 1
Pack Size 1
Pack Size Unit Each

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