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The single quad VERITY® 1920 Mass Spectrometer is ideal for laboratories seeking effective MS detection to isolate pure compounds. The versatile VERITY 1920 MS can utilize electrospray ionization (ESI) or atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) ion sources, providing application flexibility. The detector can be combined with various Gilson Purification systems and selectively purifies active ingredients from small to large molecules and natural products from lab-to pilot-scale. 

Purify with Confidence 
With the VERITY 1920 MS, you'll save valuable time and maximize productivity as targeted fraction collection reduces post purification work and purity analysis. The detector also improves collection selectivity when the chromatographic resolution is limited from highly concentrated or complex samples, making it the perfect companion for centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC) purifications. 

Increase the Scope of Your Discovery 
With a mass range of 10-2000 m/z, the VERITY 1920 MS helps you detect large molecules such as peptides and small proteins easily. Many biomolecules carry multiple charges with electrospray ionization so that even proteins of several tens of kDa can be measured with the 2,000 m/z range. 

Safely Yield High Purity Compounds 
When combined with Gilson's uniquely versatile and powerful PLC and VERITY CPC systems, the VERITY 1920 MS brings greater selectivity from lab- to pilot-scale purification while making mass detection affordable and straightforward for any purification work.


Scan Rate 10,000 m/z sec-1
Scan Modes Positive or negative ESI
Positive or negative APCI
Mass Range 10–2000 m/z

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