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Pipettes Designed with You in Mind

For more than 60 years, we’ve been creating pipettes with accuracy, comfort, and reliability as a top priority. Today, we offer a variety of pipettes in a range of ergonomic designs and volume sizes that enhance your pipetting experience and help you achieve reproducible, reliable results.

From our PIPETMAN® L, designed to minimize fatigue, to our MICROMAN® E, built for viscous liquid handling, we have the perfect pipette created with your needs in mind.


Gilson Services and Calibration Programs

Gilson is committed to quality and complete customer satisfaction with all of our products and services. Get system support, training programs and pipette service from the people who know Gilson products the best. We are here to help and provide you with dependable solutions to accommodate your needs.


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Comfort for Your Hand. Reliable from the Core.

The ergonomic design of PIPETMAN L offers a lightweight pipetting solution with low pipetting and tip ejection forces for all-day pipetting comfort. Its patented volume-locking system reduces accidental volume changes, raising your confidence in your pipetting tasks. PIPETMAN L is ideal for routine pipetting tasks and is available in a variety of volumes with single and multichannel models available.

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Tackle Challenging Pipetting Tasks with Positive Displacement Pipettes

Viscous, volatile, and extreme temperature liquids are no problem for MICROMAN® E positive displacement pipettes. This award-winning pipette uses capillary piston tips that work like a syringe to improve your pipetting accuracy when a sample’s properties can impact pipetting reliability. If sample contamination is a concern for your lab, this pipette is the ideal solution.

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Get Your Bench Connected

Pipette Smarter. Report Faster. Confidently.

Meet TRACKMAN® Connected, an all-in-one kit with tablet, apps and accessories that make pipetting on 96- or 384-well plates traceable, faster and more reliable. Designed to communicate with the new PIPETMAN M Connected via Bluetooth®, the tablet interacts in real-time with the pipette and guides you through your protocol.

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Gilson Guide to Pipetting—Tips from Our Pipetting Experts

Get the help you need with your pipetting tasks. The Gilson Guide to Pipetting is a great resource for selecting the correct pipette and tips for your application, pipetting techniques, contamination prevention, pipette maintenance, and much more.

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