VERITY Oligonucleotide Purification System

This VERITY® oligonucleotide purification system offers a single, automated HPLC system for the purification, analysis, and desalting of reagent-grade synthetic oligonucleotides in one continuous run. The system seamlessly changes between preparative and analytical scales, saving time and equipment space, while built-in error handling allows for unattended operation.

Single System Saves Space and Money

This single platform system replaces the need for multiple systems to perform all the steps in an oligonucleotide purification process. Purification, analysis and system scale-up can all be accomplished on this one system. Not only does it free up precious lab space, but also saves money on instrument purchases and maintenance.

Zero Downtime with Continuous Sample Processing

Monitor real-time data from previous runs while conducting additional preparative, analytical, and desalting runs.

Automated Operation

When combined with the VALVEMATE® II Valve Actuator, the system automatically switches between columns, helping you to complete other work without the need to change configurations between different techniques. Built-in, software-based error handling conditions for each process stage can be customized for fully automated, unattended operation without fear of sample loss.

One Software Package, All Techniques

TRILUTION® LC software facilitates seamless exchange of preparative and analytical methods without manual intervention and with little or no instrument downtime. The easy-to-use software helps you to perform successful purifications and gives you the ability to customize methods.

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