Optimized Fraction Collection for Prep HPLC
EXTRACTMAN®: A Novel Platform for Target Protein Isolation
EXTRACTMAN®: Helping Researchers Advance Cancer Treatments by Identifying Weak Protein Interactions
A Flexible Workflow for Automated Bioluminescent Kinase Selectivity Profiling
Mass-based Peptide Purification
PIPETMAX® Flexible Automated Workflow for Kinase Selectivity Profiling
Automation of the Coomassie Bradford Protein Assay Using a Multiple Channel Bench Top Pipetting System
EXTRACTMAN®: Rapid Yet Gentle Purification of Protein-Ligand Complexes
EXTRACTMAN®: Protein G Magnetic Bead Comparisons for Immunoprecipitation
EXTRACTMAN® Delivers Expanded Analyte Isolation of Weakly- or Transiently-Bound Species through ESP™

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