Centry 103 Minicentrifuge

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CENTRY™ 103 Minicentrifuge is an easy-to-use and portable minicentrifuge, ideal for the quick separation of particles from a supernatant or for driving down of a drop of liquid from the walls of microtubes. Thanks to its ergonomic design, small footprint, and optional battery control, the CENTRY 103 can be used anywhere.

Equipped with high quality and easy-to-change rotors, the CENTRY 103 can be used either with microtubes or tube-strips. The round rotor holds up to eight 1.5 mL or 2.0 mL microtubes, and the rectangular-shaped rotor can be loaded with two tube-strips of eight connected 0.2 mL microtubes.

Simple Operations

The quick and easy starting and ending operations are controlled by pressing down on the lid. The instrument instantly reaches a fixed speed of 6,000 rpm, without adjustment.

Reliable and Safe

CENTRY 103 integrates several safety features:

  • Automatic stop after six minutes of continuous spinning

  • Opening the lid anytime engages the brake

  • A pinch-type connector tightly secures the rotor

  • A red light indicates when the power is switched on



Dimensions 150 mm x 163 mm x 113 mm
Weight 600 g (excluding rotor and batteries)
Capacity Varies (see user guide)
Power Requirements AC adapter with 5 different plugs (1 SKU) Input: 1-Phase AC 100-240V | 50/60Hz | 0.6A Or four AA size alkaline batteries
Speed 6,000 rpm

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