PIPETMAN L Multichannel P12x1200L, 100-1200 µL

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PIPETMAN® L pipettes are enhanced from the legendary PIPETMAN Classic with a newly designed body for improved comfort and a state-of-the-art volume-locking mechanism for precision. These air-displacement pipettes are available in:

  • Eight single channel models - volume ranges of 0.2 µL to 10 mL

  • Ten multichannel models - volume ranges of 0.5 to 1200 µL

PIPETMAN L is a high-quality pipette that offers excellent accuracy and precision. To guarantee optimal performance and a proper use of the pipette, only PIPETMAN DIAMOND Tips D1200 and DF1200ST should be used with PIPETMAN L x1200 models.

Optimized Comfort

PIPETMAN L pipettes, one of the most comfortable models in the Gilson portfolio, offer an ideal weight and handle shape. The natural fit of the pipette lets you relax your grip to make pipetting less fatiguing for your hand. To decrease the risk of repetitive strain injuries, the PIPETMAN L features an updated piston assembly with more responsive springs, which reduces pipetting forces. The tip ejector is also adjustable for right- or left-handedness, whichever is most comfortable for you.

Optimized Safety and Precision

PIPETMAN L offers volume-locking to ensure no accidental volume change during pipetting cycles, which could alter the accuracy and precision of your results. The patented locking system fully disconnects the operating rod from the counter assembly during pipetting so that once locked into place, the volume cannot be accidentally changed, preventing accidental volume drift during pipetting tasks. To help you minimize cross-contamination, variable volume models of PIPETMAN L are fully autoclavable with no disassembly required for maximum convenience.

Optimized Traceability

PIPETMAN L features a 2D identification bar code for easy traceability and is particularly suited for enhanced GLP compliance. Using a universal scanner you can download the:

  • Product part number

  • Date of manufacturing

  • Serial number

The PIPETMAN L also has a color-coded push button that corresponds in color to Gilson PIPETMAN Tip packages.


Adjustable or Fixed Volume Adjustable Volume
Pipette Type Manual Air Displacement
Volume Range 100-1200 µL
Pipette Model P12x1200L
Pipette Range PIPETMAN L
Number of Channels 12
Ejector Type Metal
Pack Size 1
Pack Size Unit Each

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