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Connected Products Update

Run a QIAGEN kit on your PipettePilot app!

Gilson and QIAGEN have joined forces to integrate QIAGEN’s manual nucleic acid extraction kit protocols with Gilson’s TRACKMAN® Connected liquid handling system to create a ready-to-use platform that can improve consistency between collaborators, increase confidence in executing extraction protocols, and improve traceability at the bench.

All kits and related protocols are intended for molecular biology applications. They consist of purification or extraction of DNA or RNA from blood, tissue, cells, virus, and plasmid creation in a wide range of sample types.

List of QIAGEN kit protocols available:

Product & link Cat. no. (Qty) Description
DNeasy® Blood & Tissue Kit 69504 (50)
69506 (250)
DNA purification from blood or tissue samples.
QIAamp® DNA Mini Kit 51304 (50)
51306 (250)
DNA purification from human tissues, swabs, CSF, blood, body fluids, or washed cells from urine samples.
QIAprep® Spin Miniprep Kit 27104 (50)
27106 (250)
27106X4 (1000)
Plasmid DNA purification of up to 20 μg high-purity plasmid or cosmid DNA.
QIAquick® PCR Purification Kit 28104 (50)
28106 (250)
PCR product purification of DNA amplicons ranging from 100 bp to 10 kb.
QIAamp ccfDNA/RNA Kit 55184 (50) Cell-free DNA and RNA purification from plasma and serum samples.
RNeasy® Plus Mini Kit 74134 (50)
74136 (250)
RNA purification from cells and tissues using gDNA Eliminator columns
QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kit 52904 (50)
52906 (250)
Viral RNA purification from cell-free body fluids. Suitable for SARS-CoV-2 detection.
QIAamp 96 Viral RNA Kit 52962 (10) Viral RNA purification from cell-free body fluids in 96-well format. Suitable for SARS-CoV-2 detection.

Learn how to import your QIAGEN protocols into PipettePilot®:

1. Import your protocol into the PipettePilot load protocol menu.

2. Answer a few questions on the next screen to generate the QIAGEN protocol that corresponds with your samples.

3. PipettePilot guides you through your set up materials and helps you execute your experiment.

4. As with other protocols, the report of your experiment is automatically generated.

Running a kit has never been so easy!

A new portal on

We are pleased to announce our new Gilson Connect portal!

This portal allows you to access your Gilson Connect account, utilize your Gilson applications, and manage your integrations, such as our new QIAGEN integration.

This platform was designed for you and will be continuously improved to bring better traceability and reliability into your daily lab life.

Improvement of PipettePilot®

Improved navigation

The “Create plan” button has been split in two choices: “New” and “From template”. These options are available to help guide you through your protocol creation.



The Load plan screen is now organized into three sections so it’s easier for you to find each of your protocols:

• Plans: classic protocol creation

• Templates: validated plans created by other organizations, such as qPCR_PCR protocol from Gilson

• Drafts: protocols that are currently in creation where at least one step in not complete



Additionally, a progress bar has been added to show your experiment progress.



Never lose your liquid

An alert is displayed when your pipette is about to purge after an undo or move to another well.



More flexibility with PipettePilot comments

PipettePilot now allows free text comments on the pipetting page to help capture all your remarks and notes about each step in your protocol.



When your labware is not on the tablet, you can enlarge the description box on the pipetting page so it’s easier to read your comments and free text. A double arrow allows you to reduce or enlarge the box quickly and easily.


Enhanced Checklists

Experience full traceability as you set up your experiment at the start of your run with enhanced runtime checklists.

With our improved runtime checklist, you can:

• Log serial numbers and lot numbers at the start of your run

• Scan the barcodes of your liquids, devices, and materials

• Get a list of all information as well as which boxes were checked as part of your protocol run report

Devices and Materials

We’ve added features that allow you to specify important items to be used at each step of your protocol, including additional devices and lab materials. These records can include names, details (like model numbers), and serial numbers that will then be presented to an operator when they run your protocol, helping your lab to ensure the reproducibility of your protocol.

General Improvements

Incremental improvements have been made to PipettePilot® for better responsiveness, allowing you to speed up your work. Additionally, CSV protocol imports can now support multi-line comments.

ELISA template

Use our CSV template to run your ELISA on TRACKMAN Connected.

Enter your step names, samples, and volume into a CSV file that can be imported into PipettePilot. Based on the file, a protocol will be automatically generated, reducing set up time.

Improved csv Import

For your complex protocols, use the improved CSV import to create flexible experiments from your desk. With the CSV import, you can create and import any supported operation, including:

• Pipetting steps on various labware

• Action steps with an optional timer

• Pipetting parameters such as aspiration speed, dispense speed, prewet, and mix

Connection screen optimizations

The connection screen has been redesigned to make instrument selection easier.

Flexible liquid handling characteristics

When creating a plan in the app, you can now define the default pipette settings and unique labware in each step. In addition, multiple instances of liquids can now be added all at once.

Execution screen optimizations

A new, redesigned execution screen that clearly presents the important information needed to complete your protocol.

Photo comments

You can now add a photo as a comment in your report at any time during the execution of your protocol.

Usability improvements

A variety of minor improvements to improve usability have been made across most of the application screens.

Support for tube racks

Along with the already available 96 and 384-well plate designs, you can now customize your protocol to work with a variety of rack designs.

Support for 30 protocol steps or more

On 96-well plates, you can now create a protocol with up to 30 or more pipetting steps.

Multi-Day, pause-able protocols

Need to collaborate on your plate method? Use the comment box when creating your pipetting steps and the comments will be displayed during execution.

Comments in liquid handling steps

Need advice to fill your plate? Use the comment box when you create the pipetting step, your advice/comments will be displayed when the pipetting will be executed to be sure to have all complete information to execute the protocol properly.


PipettePilot automatically generates an editable checklist based on your protocol which you can check and adjust before beginning your experiment.

Flexible multichannel use

Choose any number of channels you want to use on your multichannel pipette. Whatever your needs may be, PipettePilot can adapt to your specific workflow.

Checks compatibility of your firmware and software

PipettePilot checks the pipette’s firmware to ensure you’re always working with the most up to date version before proceeding.

Better control of aspiration and dispense speed

You can now choose the speed of aspiration and dispense for each step of your protocol. With this new feature, you can adjust the speed within each step based on your needs. The speed can be set between 1 (slow) and 6 (fast) and is tracked in your exportable report to provide traceability for all your actions.

Importing and exporting files from a CSV format

You can now import and export a pipetting plan from Excel by creating a plan in the program, saving it in a .csv format, and then loading your plan directly into PipettePilot. The app automatically converts your .csv file to an executable pipetting plan.

PipettePilot now takes the time to alert you

While performing an experiment, it's easy to become completely absorbed. When you need to change steps or pipette, the app now displays an alert notification of the change, resulting in reduced risk of errors.

Benefit from a better view of the execution screen

The size of the volume and connected pipette are now clearly displayed, making it easier for you to process the information by quickly glancing at the screen.

PipettePilot Releases

PipettePilot 1.0.4 contains a number of feature enhancements and security improvements

• Support for serial dilution steps

• Single PDF export for large method result files

• Different volumes and speeds for each well in bulk operations

PipettePilot 1.0.3 contains a stability enhancement

• Application stability will large operations on 384-well plates is improved

PipetteScope Releases

PipetteScope 0.17.9 contains a number of feature enhancements and security improvements